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Floridians  for  Immigration  Enforcement

When immigration is viewed only racially and culturally, limits and legality will never be imposed.  The debate must focus on limitations and lawfulness, otherwise open borders will make the United States a marketplace and not a country.

FLoridians for IMmigration ENforcement (FLIMEN) is a group of concerned Floridians advocating for immigration enforcement.  The group will also strive to eliminate illegal immigration incentives and will challenge the myths and pandering by elected officials and newspapers.  Please consider signing up for free FLIMEN Alerts.

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About Us

Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, Inc. is a corporation in the State of Florida.  The organization abbreviation is FLIMEN.  FLIMEN was founded July 19, 2004.

Board Members

David Caulkett Vice-president - David is a founder of FLIMEN and has many years of experience dealing with the illegal immigration issue.  He provides FLIMEN web services and often speaks to groups on the issue.
Janet Renner Board Member - Janet founded Missourians Against Illegal Immigration in 2005, serving as a registered lobbyist "For The People" at the Missouri State Capitol on immigration issues for 2 1/2 years, culminating in the passage of Missouri's Immigration Law of 2008. She is a former Missouri State Advisor for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and was a featured immigration activist in FAIR's 2008 newsletter. Janet serves as a Florida State Advisor for FAIR.
Enos Schera Board Member - Enos is a founder of FLIMEN and has many decades of experience dealing with the illegal immigration issue.  Known as 'Florida's Grandfather of Immigration Reform,' one of his accomplishments was enactment of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.
John Parsons Board Member - John is a long-time citizen activist on many issues.  He is a former county Republican State Committeeman and one of the leaders in the fight against the Jupiter Illegal Alien Hiring Hall (El Sol).
Barry Carson Board Member - Barry is a former building contractor who has been fighting against the hiring of illegal construction workers for 35 years.
Julie Dunstan Board Member - Julie has been a pro-enforcment activist in Florida for many years.
Robert Windham Board Member - Robert Windham was born and raised in Enterprise, Alabama. Robert graduated from Enterprise High School in 1964, Auburn University in 1968 with a Bachelor's Degree and from Auburn in 1972 with a Master's Degree.

Robert has served on his home owner's association Board of Directors, worked with the Panhandle Patriots, and is very active in his church. He also is a member of the South Walton Republican Club and the Walton County Republican Executive Committee. He volunteers with the Florida Fair Tax Education Association and with Floridians for E-Verify Now. He has testified for E-Verify before the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission.