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Floridians  for  Immigration  Enforcement

When immigration is viewed only racially and culturally, limits and legality will never be imposed.  The debate must focus on limitations and lawfulness, otherwise open borders will make the United States a marketplace and not a country.

FLoridians for IMmigration ENforcement (FLIMEN) is a group of concerned Floridians advocating for immigration enforcement.  The group will also strive to eliminate illegal immigration incentives and will challenge the myths and pandering by elected officials and newspapers.  Please consider signing up for free FLIMEN Alerts.

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Ron DeSantis

Governor: Ron DeSantis

Congressman Ron DeSantis has a proven record in congress on immigration.

He has an A Career and A+ Recent Congressional voting report card from NumbersUSA.

He has pledged to support enactment of mandatory E-Verify in Florida. His opponent, Adam Putnam, actively worked to kill enactment of E-Verify. In 2011 he came down from his Agricultural Commissioner office to work the Senate floor to kill E-Verify.

Adam Putnam's Numbers USA report card grade is a C+ Career. Reducing Amnesty Enticements is an F and Reduce Unnecessary Worker Visas is a F-.

DeSantis has a strong pro-enforcement immigration platform as shown in his campaign brochure:

DeSantis Immigration Platform


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Pompano Beach, FL 33066