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Floridians  for  Immigration  Enforcement

When immigration is viewed only racially and culturally, limits and legality will never be imposed.  The debate must focus on limitations and lawfulness, otherwise open borders will make the United States a marketplace and not a country.

FLoridians for IMmigration ENforcement (FLIMEN) is a group of concerned Floridians advocating for immigration enforcement.  The group will also strive to eliminate illegal immigration incentives and will challenge the myths and pandering by elected officials and newspapers.  Please consider signing up for free FLIMEN Alerts.

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FLIMEN's primary goals are; 1) mandatory E-Verify, 2) end sanctuaries, and 3) shut down all illegal alien hiring halls.

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Florida Anti-Sanctuary Bill Upheld, with minor exception

Just hours before enforcement of Florida Anti-Sanctuary Bill SB168 was to take effect, Federal Judge Beth Bloom ruled in favor of the bill, with one minor exception.  The minor exception is a portion of the bill dealing with transport of illegal aliens across state lines.

FLIMEN was at the beginning of this effort in Tallahassee with top-notch activists promoting the bill throughout the Session.  FLIMEN was at the bill signing.  FLIMEN was at the federal hearing where the City of South Miami and others attempted to find a loophole to stop enforcement.  FLIMEN now looks forward to monitoring compliance which goes into effect today, October 1, 2019.

This bill was opposed by the usual open border anarchists; Democrats, ACLU, SPLC, Florida Immigrant Coalition and many more.

This was a tough fight.  During the Session there were numerous arrests, an activist with the Florida Immigration Coalition was banned from the Capitol.  A huge number obstructionist amendments were made by Democrats.  FLIMEN was smeared as a hate group by Florida's Fake and Despicable News Media. There was yelling with absurd arguments during debate and much more.  

FLIMEN thanks all those who participated and supported the efforts toward passage of this bill, especially Senator Gruters, Representative Byrd, the Republicans in the Florida House and Senate, their Legislative Aids, and importantly Attorney General Moody and Governor DeSantis.

This ruling is a huge victory over anarchy and open borders.  Florida is very fortunate to have patriotic officials, all Republicans, who actually support the rule of law and oppose Sanctuary Cities (AKA Anarchy Cities).   


October 2, 2019

Favorable. Favorable.


Good news!  The Anti-Sanctuary bills have passed all committees in the Florida State Legislature and now move to the full House and full Senate for final voting prior to the close of the Session on May 3, 2019.

HB527 Judiciary Committee on April 16, 2019

SB168 Rules Committee on April 17, 2019

As shown by the videos the testimonies were contentious.  

The full House is expected to pass the bill by a safe margin.  However, with Senator Flores expected to defect again, the vote in the full Senate will be close.  If two Republicans defect in addition to Flores, the bill dies. 

Therefore, please urge your Florida State Senator to vote Yes on SB168.

April 18, 2019

Tucker exposes the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center)!

especially News Center Florida, The Ledger, Miami Herald, Orlando Weekly, Herald Tribune, Miami New Times,and Palm Beach (Com)post,
love the SPLC and use their 'Hate Map' to smear anyone with whom they disagree.


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