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Floridians  for  Immigration  Enforcement

When immigration is viewed only racially and culturally, limits and legality will never be imposed.  The debate must focus on limitations and lawfulness, otherwise open borders will make the United States a marketplace and not a country.

FLoridians for IMmigration ENforcement (FLIMEN) is a group of concerned Floridians advocating for immigration enforcement.  The group will also strive to eliminate illegal immigration incentives and will challenge the myths and pandering by elected officials and newspapers.  Please consider signing up for free FLIMEN Alerts.

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FLIMEN's primary goals are; 1) mandatory E-Verify, 2) end sanctuaries, and 3) shut down all illegal alien hiring halls.

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Anti-Sanctuary Bill Awaiting Gov. DeSantis Signature

In a huge victory for the Rule of Law, Anti-Sanctuary bills HB527 and SB168 have been reconciled and await Gov. DeSantis' signature. Gov DeSantis gave top priority to these bills and his signature is expected shortly.

Reconciliation is the process of resolving the differences between the House and Senate bills. Normally the process is fairly straight forward but due to a Democrat-inspired 'poison-pill amendment' reconciliation became time-consuming and complicated, nearly to the point of killing the bill. Republicans killed the amendment and reconciled the bills on May 2nd, the day before the end of the session.

Upon the signing of the bill by Gov. DeSantis FLIMEN will provide additional information pertaining to the stellar performance of key Republicans.

Thanks to ALL of the Floridians who supported this bill and the Rule of Law. Your calls made a critical difference, especially when considering the massive opposition from Immigration Anarchists.

May 13, 2019

Tucker exposes the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center)!

especially News Center Florida, The Ledger, Miami Herald, Orlando Weekly, Herald Tribune, Miami New Times,and Palm Beach (Com)post,
love the SPLC and use their 'Hate Map' to smear anyone with whom they disagree.


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