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Floridians  for  Immigration  Enforcement

When immigration is viewed only racially and culturally, limits and legality will never be imposed.  The debate must focus on limitations and lawfulness, otherwise open borders will make the United States a marketplace and not a country.

FLoridians for IMmigration ENforcement (FLIMEN) is a group of concerned Floridians advocating for immigration enforcement.  The group will also strive to eliminate illegal immigration incentives and will challenge the myths and pandering by elected officials and newspapers.  Please consider signing up for free FLIMEN Alerts.

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With great sadness we mourn the loss of
John C. 'Jack' Oliver, an American Patriot

John C. 'Jack' Oliver, FLIMEN Legislative Director, passed away unexpectedly November 10, 2018.

Friends, fans and family in Florida and throughout the nation are mourning the sudden and great loss of a wonderful man, an incredible friend and the truest of American Patriots.

When Jack spoke of his family, he spoke of them always with the deepest love, greatest affection, and tremendous pride.

When Jack professed himself your friend, he did so with sincerity and it was a source of pride that he had retained lifelong friendships.

When Jack's country needed help, Jack was a true American Patriot.

When the effects of illegal immigration ravaged his state, Jack worked tirelessly for years, regardless of personal and financial hardship, to enact E-Verify for the state of Florida. With your help we will complete Jack's dream in the next Florida Legislative Session.

Jack will forever be missed by his family, friends and fellow citizens who recognized him as a wonderful family man, a great friend, and a true warrior in defense of the country he loved so much, the United States of America.

Information on a memorial service will be posted at when known.

Joyce Kaufman Blog - Extra: RIP Jack Oliver

Click on ' The Joyce Kaufman Show Hr 1 11-12-18' at

November 12, 2018

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FLIMEN's primary goals are; 1) Mandatory E-Verify, 2) End Sanctuaries, and 3) Shut down all IA Hiring Halls.

Shocking racism and arrogance in Gillum inner circles.
DeSantis must win!

Project Veritas just released some shocking videos of a long-time Gillum staffer using racist language and saying Gillum's goals will never be achieved.  Let's hope these videos expose Gillum to the masses of uninformed Floridians who are swayed by the slick orator Gillum. 

There is no way DeSantis should be behind in the polls.  Please make a last minute effort to save Florida from Gillum by forwarding these videos to others and by helping a DeSantis win.


Since the 2003 founding of Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, FLIMEN has been the lead group in Florida advocating for immigration enforcement.   Thanks to President Donald Trump immigration enforcement has increased significantly.  However, everything that we have worked for in the last 15 years could be destroyed by Anti-ICE Democrats.  Can you imagine what will happen if the Republicans lose the House or Senate?  Can you imagine what will happen if Anti-ICE Gillum becomes Governor?  

Please help to make sure Florida does not become a Sanctuary State. 
Help get DeSantis votes!

November 1, 2018

For additional information on each candidate, click on the candidate's name.



General 2018

Governor - Ron DeSantis

Attorney General  - Ashley Moody

US House of Representatives

District   1     Matt Gaetz
District   2     Neal Dunn
District   3     Ted Yoho
District   4     John Rutherford
District   8     Bill Posey
District 11     Daniel Webster
District 12     Gus Bilirakis
District 16     Vern Buchanan
District 17     Greg Steube
District 18     Brian Mast
District 19     Francis Rooney
District 22     Nicolas Kimaz
District 23     Joe Kaufman

Florida State Senate

District 20     Tom Lee
District 23     Joe Gruters
District 25     Gayle Harrell

Florida House of Representatives

District   5     Brad Drake
District 83     Toby Overdorf
District 84     Mark Gotz
District 86     Laurel Bennett

Print and hand out the;

VOTER GUIDE - General 2018

The Voter Guide was approved by the FLIMEN Board of Directors.


Media Inquiry; Jack Oliver, Legislative Director,

P.O. Box 667605
Pompano Beach, FL 33066

FLIMEN Endorses DeSantis

Trump Is Right - Ending Birthright Citizenship Is Constitutional

Trump Posts the 1 Commercial That Could Win the Midterms for GOP


Candace Owens tours an ICE immigration center in Broward County


P.O. Box 667605
Pompano Beach, FL 33066