The proponents of illegal immigration are organizing against the bills designed to reduce the problem. Take a look at the press release of the opponents to the proposed bills.

Proposed Florida Immigration Legislation Punishes Workers, Hampers Business and Chills Florida's Economy:


Some of Florida's biggest business groups, including Associated
Builders and Contractors (ABC), the Construction Coalition, the Florida
Chamber, and Associated Industries of Florida have joined with social
service advocates, including the Florida Catholic Conference, Farmworker's
Self-Help, and the Farmworker Association of Florida to oppose House Bill
73, House Bill 179 and Senate Bill 388 on the grounds that the proposed
legislation unfairly targets Hispanics and will prevent law-abiding
citizens from holding jobs.


Hispanic American immigrants in Florida are major contributors to the
economy and hold many critical, but hard to fill jobs such as construction
workers. These workers are a necessary resource to Florida's economy, but
would be unfairly hampered by this legislation.