Palm Bay Ordinance Second Reading on August 17, 2006

On Thursday evening August 17, 2006 the Palm Bay Council will have the Second Reading (final vote) on the Unlawful Business Practices ordinance 2006-80. The ordinance passed the First Reading 4-1. This exceptionally well-written ordinance is expected to become the national model where cities will be able to locally enforce immigration laws so it is vital that citizens show support.

The Unlawful Business Practices ordinance is a business regulation ordinance requiring licensees to hire only legal employees. The ordinance would prohibit unauthorized workers including minors, convicted sex offenders, convicted felons and illegal aliens.

The pro-illegal immigration crowd is expected to attend loudly and in full force so it is critical that citizens who are fed up with illegal immigration speak in favor or otherwise support the ordinance. Now is your chance!!

Witness the Spectacle of Bunk

FLIMEN comments are in green. United Third Bridge, Inc. comments are in blue.

FLIMEN extends to you the announcement from the pro-illegal immigration groups below. You are encouraged to witness their rally if you can attend. These rallies are an eye-opener for the public as indicated by the huge negative response from American citizens to the April and May illegal alien protests. This reaction by American citizens was responsible for the Martinez-Hagel AMNESTY to be dead-on-arrival at the US House of Representatives.

U.T.B. United Third Bridge, Inc. and the Florida Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is organizing a stand in solidarity rally in front of Palm Bay City Hall at 6pm Thursday, August 17th, 2006 in protest against Ordinance 2006-80 and 20068 also a prayer vigil at 6pm.

We oppose this ordinance because:

1. Unenforceable, costly and likely unconstitutional.

The ordinance is narrow in scope and the criteria defining legal workers is clearly spelled out in law so it will be enforceable. The cost of enforcement will be far less than the staggering costs of illegal immigration. This exceptionally well-written bill is expected to sustain legal challenge as the ordinance discriminates only on the basis of legality, not on any of the ten discriminators (race, color, religion, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital status or familial status). As long as Palm Bay does not engage in discrimination of these basis factors during implementation, then the ordinance is likely to survive legal challenge. If the ordinance pre-empts federal authority it is inconsistent that illegal alien hiring halls and sanctuary cities, both pre-emptive and contradictory to federal law, still exist.

2. Results in racial profiling.

Code enforcement officers are obligated to follow established laws prohibiting discrimination.

3. Mean spirited and discriminatory toward Latinos.

There is no language in the ordinance aimed at Latinos or any other ethnic group. It is solely based on prohibiting hiring of illegal workers including minors, sex offenders, convicted felons and illegal aliens. This ordinance is not mean-spirited. It is simply an effort to uphold the rule of law, which is the very foundation of American governance.

4. Sacrificing the economy of Palm Bay and the rest of Brevard County.

The only benefactors of illegal immigration are illegal aliens and illegal employers. The taxpayers of Palm Bay are the ones who pay the burdensome costs of illegal immigration. There is no evidence that Palm Bay's or Brevard County's economies would be adversely affected.

5. Will come at a very high moral and financiqal cost to the taxpayers of Palm Bay.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in Article 13, line 2: "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country." Article 13 does not provide the right for any global citizen to illegally enter any host nation they so choose. Yet human rights and morality advocates vociferously claim such a right, obviously without justification as such a right is not provided in the widely accepted human rights declaration.

6. Are being used by the City Council members at the expense of the tax paying citizens of Palm Bay to reach their own personal higher political agendas and positions in Tallahassee.

The Palm Bay Council members are admirably looking out for the welfare of their constituents.

7. Hotels, restaurants, contractors, citizens and others who hire the services of immigrants will be effected.

Employers who comply with this ordinance will not be affected as long as they verify the legality of employees. If the employee is not legally employed then they should be affected.


  • Send a group e-mail in support of the ordinance to members of City Council and Mayor:

  • Phone 321-952-3414 or send a fax to 321-953-8971 to express your support to the council for the Unlawful Business Practices ordinance.

  • Attend if you can. Supporters should sign up to voice a brief message of support.

The Second Reading Hearing will be on Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 7:00 PM (arrive early as seating is limited) in Palm Bay, Florida (just South of Melbourne):

"Speakers must complete ‘Public Comment Cards’ (pink) and are limited to 3 minutes each."

Palm Bay City Hall
120 Malabar Rd SE
Palm Bay, FL 32907


  • Forward this message to those in the following counties who might be interested:
    • Brevard
    • Indian River
    • Osceola
    • Volusia

August 15, 2006