Nelson and Martinez Betray Florida Workers

The US Senate has passed a huge increase in H-1B visas. "Rolled", "Train-wreck", "another nail in the coffin of the American worker" have been some of the descriptions of the 14-85 defeat of the Byrd Amendment which would have struck the increases.

 Both Florida Senators voted to sell off American jobs so CALL to express
your disappointment:

Senator Martinez, Aide Nilda PeDrosa, telephone 305-444-8332

Senator Nelson, Aide Brent Woolfork, telephone 202-224-5274

The 350,000 increase in permanent immigration will harm American students and workers. Please tell your Senator that he was painfully mistaken to vote against the Byrd Amendment and allow these provisions to harm American workers.

Your NumbersUSA Capitol Hill Team says that the Specter/Kennedy plan would do the following:

1. It would raise the annual cap on permanent employment-based immigration by changing the formula as follows: employment-based visas = 140,000 + any unused family-based visas from the previous year + (the lesser of 90,000 or unused employment-based visas from any prior year).

2. It exempts the spouses and children of employment-based immigrants from counting against the numerical cap, beginning in 2004. (In 2003, workers got 36,210 visas, and their spouses and children got 45,927 visas. Total visas could have more than doubled under this bill.)

3. It adds a fee of $500 per petition for most employment-based visa petitions.

4. It allows alien spouses and children of citizens to adjust to Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) status if the citizen abused them, died, or lost or renounced their citizenship; and it allows alien spouses and children of LPRs to adjust to LPR status if the LPR abused them or died.

5. Anytime the H-1B cap is reached, the lesser of 60,000 or any unused visas in any prior years are added to the cap.


According to our senators immigration voting records are:

Nelson  C- / D
Martinez  D- / D-


The senators can be replaced on the following dates:

Senator Nelson - November 7, 2006
Senator Martinez - November 2, 2010


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