The Outrageous Firing of Jan Hall

Jan Hall was an Orlando, Florida teacher who "won praise from principals she served in Orange and Polk counties."  Jan was concerned about the affect of mass immigration upon Florida's educational system so she wrote a private letter to her Congressman. Then she was fired.

She was fired because her politically incorrect letter was somehow printed in various newspapers and the pandering Orange County School Board acquiesced to complaints from the Hispanic community. 

Jan Hall has filed suits against the Orlando Sentinel, El Nuevo Dia and the Orange County School Board. 

It is outrageous that a) her private letter to her elected officials was intercepted, b) her First Amendment rights have been grossly violated, and c) she was fired (unpaid suspension). All Floridians should support Jan in her quest for justice.

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Considering expressing your dismay with Orange County School Board members at:

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January 1, 2006