True to their policy of promoting illegal invasion and ignoring the negative impacts of illegal invasion the Palm Beach Post Editorial Staff published the grossly inaccurate editorial below.

Choice morsels include:

  • "guest-worker plan"  Dah.  It's an AMNESTY.  If "subject to deportation" is waived then it's an AMNESTY.  Besides, guests go home.
  • "Vigilante groups"  Dah.  The Minutemen have never tried to enforce the law.  It's a Border Watch group just like Neighborhood Watch groups.
  • "menial jobs Americans don't want"  At what wage? 
  • "Jupiter and Lake Worth are correct"  No, they are WRONG to spend taxpayers dollars for the Jupiter Illegal Alien Hiring Hall. 
  • "immigrant workers"  Try "illegal aliens" or "illegal invaders" for accuracy. 
  • "enhance national security" Since when is promoting illegal invasion enhancing security?
  • "border control"  There is no effective border control and there are no plans for effective border control because the open-border crowd does not want the border controlled.  The McCain Kennedy AMNESTY would be just another AMNESTY and the border still will not be controlled.

Please consider:

The immigration answer

When it comes to immigration reform, people on all sides of the issue can come to the debate with legitimate arguments.

Vigilante groups along the Southwest border are right that the flow of illegals into the United States is out of control, and the government has failed to stanch it. The governors of New Mexico and Arizona were right to declare states of emergency. New Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is right when he pledges to make border control a priority. Intelligence agencies have reason to worry about terrorists sneaking into the country from Mexico.

U.S. business leaders are right when they argue that the economy is dependent on a reliable flow of foreign labor that will fill the menial jobs Americans don't want. Illegal immigrants aren't exaggerating when they say there is virtually a limitless supply of employers who want them to come and work. Officials in cities and towns such as Jupiter and Lake Worth are correct when they say that the federal government's inaction has forced them to deal with problems that Washington should have prevented.

President Bush and many members of Congress also are right when they argue that the nation needs to develop a guest-worker plan that would allow immigrants to cross legally, enter a government-run system and fill vacant jobs. Mr. Bush -- and Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., who are backing the idea in Congress -- are correct when they say that an effective guest-worker plan can enhance national security, cracking down on drug smugglers and helping Mr. Chertoff's agency monitor who's here. Supporters are right when they argue that border control and a guest-worker plan will complement each other.

As usual, politics is an obstacle to reform. President Bush hopes to put forth the many missing details to his guest-worker plan soon, but he has no chance of satisfying both business leaders and conservative Republicans who are opposed to residency incentives for immigrants, let alone anything resembling amnesty. The McCain-Kennedy bill has the right balance of incentives and requirements. It would offer guest workers three-year visas and the chance for green cards after six years, but also require them to register, go through background checks, and pay back taxes and a $2,000 fine. Creating a legal path and a registry would place immigrant workers into two groups: those who play by the rules and those who don't. Mr. Chertoff can target his resources on the latter, instead of trying to sort out the undefined, underground mess that currently exists.

The president and the two senators are close enough that compromise is possible. That would be right for the country.

Posted by Opinion staff at August 30, 2005 08:33 AM



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