Jupiter Illegal Alien Hiring Hall

Jupiter, Florida has decided to spend taxpayer funds for the Jupiter Illegal Alien Hiring Hall.  This action promotes illegal immigration and is an invalid expenditure of public funds.  Please read the following meeting announcement and attend if you can.

TIME:  Monday August 15th @ 7 PM
LOCATION: Jupiter Plantation town home development swimming pool pavilion, 825 Center St, Jupiter FL 33458
On Monday August 15th, Michael Hethmon, the Head Attorney for Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is flying in from Washington DC.  Michael and I have meetings in the morning with the Heads of several Labor Unions. Later in the evening at 7 PM we are having another meeting at Jupiter Plantation's swimming pool pavilion. The purpose of the meeting Monday evening is to discuss in detail how FAIR and the Labor Unions are going to sue the Town of Jupiter over the Illegal Immigration & Labor problem that has developed out of control in Jupiter.
Due to the Town's open door policies on Illegal Aliens we now have in Jupiter:
  • 5,000 Illegal Aliens (10% of the towns population is now illegal)
  • 3 Large International Latin Drug Gangs (Vados Locos, MS-13 and Latin Kings) in full operation trafficking drugs, Illegal Aliens and stolen property, as well as controlling much of the overcrowded housing  
  • A massive increase in crime
  • An enormous increase in Government expenditures to deal with the Illegal Alien's
The Town's answer to the problem is to build an Illegal Hiring Hall, on Town property at the Tax Payers expense, so the Illegal Aliens can go there and get work illegally without paying taxes, without paying Workers Compensation Insurance and without a Work Visa.
Because the Town's actions are completely Illegal we are suing them for it.  If we can't get the Town Officials to stop participating in Racketeering, Felony Harboring, Tax Evasion and Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud then we should be able to get a Federal Judge to stop them and award damages to anyone we can prove is harmed by this.
If you or anyone you know is being harmed by this overrun of Illegal Aliens in our Town, you may want to Talk to Mr. Hethmon at the meeting Monday night.  FAIR is willing to sue the Town on your behalf at FAIR's expense if a good case can be made for you.
FYI- Latin Gang related crimes are happening every day now in Jupiter.  Just this past Friday night a Mexican Coyote (a Coyote is a gang member that gets paid to transport Illegal Aliens from Mexico to our area) attacked another Mexican Illegal Alien with a Machete in the parking lot of one of the apartments on Center St.  Machetes are the weapons of choice among gangs when they want to send a message.