Martin Memorial Hospital Viral Video:

At the April 8, 2008 State Affairs Workshop in Tallahassee, a Martin Memorial Hospital administrator testified to the horrendous costs of illegal alien health care.  The video was posted on YouTube and as of June 27, 2008 has had 858,291 views and 875 comments!!  Further, a number of articles were spawned.  

Testimony of illegal alien care from 1 Florida hospital (Link to the original YouTube video or click below.  Note: Rep. Harrell in lower right of video, watching out for Florida taxpayers .)

Project Immigration: Illegal Immigrant Healthcare (Washington, DC TV station video)

Florida Hospital Testimony video goes National on DC news (YouTube version of DC station report above)

Viral Video on Immigration Costs (ALIPAC article includes transcript)

Florida Hospital Testimony Video Goes Viral - 500,000+ Views (Blogger)

Viral Video on Immigration Costs (

June 27, 2008