Don't Trust the Newspapers


The three articles below are but three examples of AP bias.

Associated Press Contrives Controversy to Favor Anti-Enforcement Immigration Advocates

Associated Press Omits the Major Aspect of "Early Release"
The Associated Press Doesn't Report on DREAM Act. They promote it.


DREAM Act Promotional:

The Palm Beach (Com)Post has published a DREAM Act promotional piece about DREAM walkers (at least one is admittedly an illegal alien) and a Lake Worth resolution by Anarchist Lake Worth Commissioner Cara Jennings.  Of course the (Com)Post failed to mention that the effect of the DREAM Act (AKA Nightmare Act) will be to ruin an equal number of citizen student's college dreams or else reduce college quality to the same awful K-12 public school quality. 

FLMEN has learned that one activist has notified ICE.


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Breaking Stories and Hot Topics for the Week of March 1, 2010

 New Report Confirms Success of E-Verify

Despite Wire Stories to the Contrary

Last week, the Associated Press ran a story about a recent independent analysis of E-Verify, the program that helps businesses identify employee work eligibility. The article carried a misleading headline, E-Verify Misses Half of Illegal Workers, and contained quotes from Senator Charles Schumer blasting the effectiveness of the program. The story grossly misrepresented a program that, in fact, works very well.

The record must be corrected.  While acknowledging that some illegal aliens are successfully gaming the system by illegal means, the report resoundingly endorses the E-Verify program. It indicates that 96 percent of all E-Verify initial responses are consistent with the person’s work authorization – an impressive level of accuracy for any program. The report also shows that E-Verify properly denies employment to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, thus protecting American workers.  Finally, USCIS points out that it’s likely that the program “deters many unauthorized workers from even applying for jobs with participating employers.”

So where did the AP headline come from?   The research report showed that 93.1 percent of individuals checked through E-Verify are found to be authorized to work.  Only 6.2 percent of all E-Verify cases are unauthorized workers and of that, 3.3 percent (or 50 percent of the 6.2 percent) get approved for work when they shouldn’t be. The AP story, subsequent ones by other media and open borders advocates such as Sen. Schumer have focused on this smaller number to indict a program that by every measure is working effectively to deter illegal aliens from getting jobs.

While improvements can be made, without a verification system in place, 100% of illegal aliens can get a job.  

The more successful E-Verify gets, the more desperate those who want no enforcement of U.S. immigration laws are to discredit it.  E-Verify is a tool for the rule of law and it’s spoiling the opposition’s plans for amnesty, open borders and limitless cheap foreign labor. E-Verify’s success and growing popularity among U.S. businesses makes it prone to disinformation campaigns.  

FAIR experts are available to provide an honest interpretation of the E-Verify report and discuss how better data sharing and identification security measures will help to eliminate what few errors arise when using E-Verify.

FAIR Alert March 1, 2010